Skeaniatlis  NY
August 9-13, 2021
$800/ player
Ages 8u16u
Groups divided by skill level
7 hours ice daily
Monday- Friday8am -430pm
5 on ice sessions daily
Call for other discounts and scholarship program. 



To be a PRO, learn from a PRO!

Power Skating/Edgework Session

  • One foot push offs

  • Resistant ropes for strides

  • Spring board jumping for balance

  • Power strides and acceleration

  • Tight turns w/ two feet and one foot

  • Skating with a parachute

  • Conditioning drills

  • Hockey stance and balance

  • Forwards to backwards quick edges

Puck Control Session

  • Stationary puck control on balance beam

  • Quick hands drills

  • Tight turns with puck two and one foot 

  • Station puck control for small area puck control

Shooting and Passing Session​

  • Give and go passing

  • One leg balance passing

  • On the fly shooting off front foot

  • Sections passing and shooting stations

  • Soft hands passing drills

  • Full ice passing and shooting drills

Positional Play Session​

  • Forward drills

  • Defense Drills

  • Closing the gap for defense

  • One on one drills

  • Two on one and two on two drills

  • Small game situations

  • 13U and older Body Checking drills

  • Face offs for centers

  • Face off drills as a team

  • Power plays and short handed learning

  • Defensive zone as a team training

  • Offensive zone learning and cycling 

  • Back checking drills

  • Neutral zone team work drills

Controlled Scrimmage/ Game​

  • First 20 Minutes will be a practice game. 

  • Controlled scrimmage  coaches will teach players mistakes in game situation.

  • 60 minute game. 3 20 minute clock running.

  • Tach competitiveness

  • Teach how to win and lose gracefully

  • Teach accountability

Our Goal is to train players to deal with adversity situations in the game. To learn how to grow as a player.  We will work on each players goals  and inform them of how to reach their goals by working on a future plan outside of training with us.

Each player will receive a goal setting book.  We will give each player a personal goal achievement plan along with an evaluation of their abilities and strengths and weaknesses.  Also will have sample drills and skills so player can work on it all year long.