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About Our Company

Our company is designed to enhance advertisement for USA Youth Hockey arenas with the help of local and corporate sponsorship. We will develop relationships with as many arenas as possible and work with sponsors at the highest professional level. 

While working with us, sponsors can maximise exposure in the USA Youth Hockey world with families across the USA. Along with selling advertising to sponsors, there is a possibility of selling goods in facilities.

Our Goal

There are 2,025 youth arenas in the United States. Our goal is to put corporate sponsors in each ice arena across the country. 

Mission Statement

We will strive to work for both arenas and sponsors to have a healthy and profitable relationship.

“Great moments are born with great opportunities” 

                                                                                    – Herb Brooks


Marketing and Advertising Details

“We do all the work”

  • We will evaluate your rink(s) to assess what advertising can be sold.

  • Our average price point on each advertisement option ranges from $1,500-$85,000.

  • Our contract with your rink is for 10 years with two (2) 10-year renewable terms.

  • After the first year of sales, we guarantee all other years a net profit of $25,000 per ice surface in your facility. If we cannot produce this revenue, you have the option to release the contract. 

  • The first sale of each advertiser will be 55% to the owner, and 45% to TPC. After the first sale of the advertiser, renewals or length of contact will be split 75% arena, and 25% TPC. 

  • TPC will pay for all artwork and installation, as well as coordinate with all rinks on when everything will be installed. 

  • TPC will have a binding contract with the arena, advertisers, and installers.

  • If you have a local sales team or someone selling advertising, we will hire them as independent contractors and allow them sell local advertising, and we will also give them a region of rinks in the area.

  • All advertising must be approved by TPC as we will set a standard to have the most professional look across the facilities.

  • We will work with arenas to gather statistics and demographics for their arena for our website, so sponsors will be able to review.  

  • We will work on bringing high-tech advertising to your facility as well as upgrade any outdated advertising.

  • Our contract is transferable with a sale of a facility.


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