TPC Hockey Marketing, LLC Welcomes you to our site


About Our Company 

We are designed to enhance advertisement for USA Youth Hockey arenas with the  help of local and corporate sponsorships. We will develop relationships with as many arenas  as possible and work with sponsors at the highest professional level.  

While working with us, sponsors can maximize exposure in the USA Youth Hockey world with  families across the USA. Along with selling advertising to sponsors, there is a possibility of  selling goods in facilities. 

Our Goal 

There are 2,025 youth arenas in the United States. Our goal is to put corporate sponsors and  regional sponsors in each ice arena across the country.  

Our Concept 

Ice arenas can maximize their revenue, which would help the arena survive through tough  times. We focus on corporate and local sponsors to help your youth programs and any other revenue expenditures you have or need.  We are raising the bar and changing the face of USA youth hockey and youth  arena advertising sales.  

Mission Statement 

We will strive to work for both arenas and sponsors to have a healthy and profitable  relationship.  

“Great moments are born with great opportunities” 

 – Herb Brooks